Beyond Words coverBeyond Words is the story of a boy and how he finds his voice, as told by his mother.

Even after years of experience as an educator, Diane Linder cannot make sense of the conflicting opinions of experts, nor can she accept the grim prognosis given to her young child.

Through her recollections we follow the twisting, turning path she and her family must follow as they seek help for their son. Diane learns to question therapists and evaluators and to listen to her own intuition. She finds herself connecting in new ways to old friends and finding friendship in new places.

Diane writes this book with the hope that it will touch others who grapple with similar choices. She writes with a passion for honesty, and a desire to instill confidence in other parents. She describes profound shifts in perspective, found not in the halls of academia, but on crowded New York City buses, in the subway gratings that line the bustling boulevards, and in the hearts of treasured friends.


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